Intellectual Freedom Issues in Oregon: A News Database

This database is a joint project of the Oregon Library Association's Intellectual Freedom Committee and the Oregon State Library's Intellectual Freedom Clearinghouse. The database is the online version of the Intellectual Freedom Clearinghouse's news clipping files, and will be updated on a semi-annual basis.

Currently, this is a citation/abstract database of news articles and editorials related to intellectual freedom issues covered in Oregon community newspapers over the past 65 years. Full text of articles will be added and available for download as permission is obtained from individual newspaper publishers. To request the full text of an article, contact the coordinator of the Oregon Intellectual Freedom Clearinghouse.

To search the database, perform a keyword search using the search box below. Indexed (searchable) fields include: article title, newspaper name, date, city/location, name of challenged book/material, organizations/individuals involved and abstract.


News from 2013

Hold that book, but you're risking your privacy: Guest Opinion, Tony Greiner

News from 2012

Astoria Public Library: To cut or not to cut - sensitivity or censorship?

At local libraries, concern fades over online access to porn, Scott Hammers

Bibliotherapy just one of themany benefits of reading, Janet Stevens

City reacts to lawsuit filed against loca library

Federal judge orders Seaside Library to pay $10,500 penalty for failing to allow religious meeting, Nancy McCarthy

Following rules, avoiding suits, Elizabeth Hovde

Lawsuit filed against Seaside library, Nancy McCarthy

Library celebrates Banned Books Week, Raymond Rendleman

Library celebrating banned books week

Library Corner, Perry Stokes

Library district Internet policy explained, Buzzy Nielsen

Library responds to computer porn, Dominique Fong

Library rules too lenient, Lisa Evans

Library's age limits chafe senior, Lily Raff McCaulou

Library Tidings: News about the Siuslaw Public Library, Kevin Mittge

Local author revels in censorship fight, Kevin Harden

Protect young eyes, Carolyn Zuck

Public resource, Dave Dockham

Seaside Library changes policy following court ruling, Jeremy C. Ruark

Stop library porn viewing, Rodney Espe

Time for discussion, Ronda Snyder

WL library recognizes Banned Books Week

WL library recognizes Banned Books Week

News from 2011

Banned Books Week celebrates triumph over censorship, Ross Coyle

Book offers another view, Bill Bodden

Celebrate F 'read' om with Banned Books Week, Hayley Sanders

Library wraps banned books, Kirby Neumann-Rea

Local libraries put banned books on display, Courtney Terry

Look at the books we love to hate

Protecting 'unorthodox and unpopular ideas'

News from 2010

ACLU chapter hosts pair of banned books reading events

Banned book discussion planned at Newport Library

Banned books week

Banned Books Week celebrates freedom to think four ourselves, Jeremy Booth

Banned Books Week observed at library

Banned: library displays challenged books, Marjorie Woodfin

Celebrate freedom: read a banned book, Perry Stokes

Celebrate your right to read

Celebrating our freedom to read, Andrea Deeken

Driftwood Library celebrates right to read

Explicit, offensive, irresistible: reflections on banned books, Peter Farrel

Following public meeting law important to library board, Malana Ganz

Internet isn't restricted for youth at library (editorial), Lynne Kamerman

Library board rejects request to limit Internet access to minors, Evan Jensen

Public process in question with library's decision on Internet access, Callie Vandewiele

Read a banned book at Cook Memorial Library

Should people be able to ban books in public libraries?

News from 2009

Banned books lesson stirs controversy, Josh Kulla

Board: 'Bunny Suicides' stays in library