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International Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities is a peer-reviewed, open access journal dedicated to the publication of outstanding scholarship by undergraduates and their mentors from academic institutions of higher learning. The Journal accepts submissions of research articles, fiction, poetry, photography, videos, and other creative works from undergraduate students in all academic disciplines. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis and will be published on the Journal website after successful review.

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Geographic Applications in Sustainability: Understanding the Needs, Addressing the Issues.

Current Volume: Volume 6 (2014)

Research Articles


Predicting Creep in Alloy 617 Pressurized Tubes Using Uniaxial Bar Test Data
Joseph Croteau, Allyssa Bateman, Yudhishthir Bhetwal, Theodora Caldwell, Justin Allen, and Elias Lindau


An Analysis of Social Behaviors in Stressful Situations Using Q-Sort Data
Lacie Bray-Akers, Shelby Gaydosh, Dylan Pelham, Morgan Phillips, and Diane B. V. Bonfiglio

Non-fiction Article