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News from 2010

"furr" (poem), Ryan Bradley

"The Pinata" (short story), Ryan Bradley

"Dusk, Just Outside Scappoose" (poem), Pat Cason


"Home to Wallowa County" (essay/commentary), Pat Cason

She Returns to the Floating World (book), Jeannine H. Gailey


"Advice from the Robot Scientist's Daughter" (poem), Jeannine Hall Gailey

"Knoxville 1978: The Girls Next Door" (poem), Jeannine Hall Gailey

"The Robot Scientist's Daughter [morbid]" (poem), Jeannine Hall Gailey

"The White Doe: Three Poems" (series of poems), Jeannine Hall Gailey

"The Robot Scientist's Daughter [circuits]" (poem), Jeannine Hall Gailey


"Crash" (short story), Leslie J. Glasser

"Dog Eat Dog" (short story), Leslie J. Glasser

"Milkweed" (short story), Leslie J. Glasser

Teaching "Flash Fiction" for UCLA s Writer's Program, Winter 2011 Extension, Leslie J. Glasser

"The Emperor's New (and Improved) Clothes" (short story), Leslie J. Glasser


"Flickers" (flash fiction), Josh Goller

"House with No Echo" (flash fiction), Josh Goller

"If I Lost My Mind" (flash fiction), Josh Goller

"The Collector" (flash fiction), Josh Goller

"Unclean" (short story), Josh Goller

"Cyber Anniversary" (fiction), Sharon Harrigan

"The Daily Grind" (poem), Jonathan Harris


The Wave That Did Not Break (poetry collection), Jonathan Harris

Letter to Leonard Cohen (chapbook), Nancy Hechinger

Cadences (book of poetry), Kitty Jospe

"When the sun shines on the window pane in spring" (poem), Kitty Jospe

National Award winner, Aaron Kier

Teaching position (award), Aaron Kier

"My Aide" (poem), Jan Priddy

“Shooting Range” (fiction), finalist in Hunger Mountain's Howard Frank Mosher Short Fiction prize (award), Jan Priddy

"Specimen" (short story), Bob Rice

"Empty Feast" (short story), Heather Sappenfield

"Grimshaw on the Ice" (short-short), Katey Schultz

Linda Flowers Literary Prize (award), Katey Schultz

Press 53 Open Awards, 1st Prize Winner (award), Katey Schultz

Residency Fellow, Katey Schultz

"Friday Nights" (poem), Ryan Sharp

"I would dance if you asked me to" (poem), Ryan Sharp

"Painting Apples" (poem), Ryan Sharp


"Apocalypse Daily" (story), Felicity Shoulders

"The Termite Queen of Tallulah County" (short story), Felicity Shoulders


"A Fistful of Buttercups" (flash fiction), Nancy K. Stebbins


"Gravitas. Gravity. Gravitas." (flash fiction), Nancy K. Stebbins

"Jonah Overboard" (flash fiction), Nancy K. Stebbins


"Proceed to the Nearest Emergency Room" (flash fiction), Nancy K. Stebbins

"The Third Half of the Moon" (flash fiction), Nancy K. Stebbins


Lavanderia - Book Awards Winner (award), Deb E. Tenney

"Bullhead" (short story), James S. Zerndt