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The OLA Quarterly seeks submissions for its upcoming Spring 2015 issue, "Growth"

As we emerge from the cold of a long winter, to see our surroundings coming back to life, it can be an uplifting reminder about growth. As library and information folks, we seem to thrive on this concept of continual growth, both personally and professionally. In the face of ever-present funding cutbacks, we find ways to innovate and expand our service to others.

How is your institution growing? Are you offering new programs and services? Is your physical space changing? How do you cultivate growth in your career? How do we grow our patron base? How are our policies changing and growing to reflect the modern world? What do we gain from our growing pains when change is necessary but difficult?

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, Tigard Public Library

Current Issue: Volume 20, Number 4 (2014)
Beyond Curation: Libraries as Creators of Cultural, Digital, and Material Things (Winter 2014)

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Libraries as Creators
Stewart Baker



The Pirate Underground
Peggy Christensen


Arduino Kits, Bakeware and LEGOs...Oh My!
Karen Muller, Erica Buss, and Brendan Lax

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OLA Quarterly Coordinator/Editor
Sara Kelso
Guest Editor
Stewart Baker