For over ten years, the OTEN Annual Conference has brought together educators from across Oregon to share ideas about improving teaching and learning through integrating technology into the curriculum. At this year's conference we will be exploring the postmodal world--a world where the distinctions between online, hybrid, and face-to-face learning are increasingly irrelevant. Instead we are fast approaching a time where educators need to think about just one classification across modalities: learning.

In both higher education and K-12, teaching strategies such as "flipping the classroom" and "blended learning" are becoming commonplace, collapsing the boundaries between the physical and the virtual classroom. At the same time, the wide adoption of broadband technology and easy access to synchronous video, presentation, and authoring tools have made it easier than ever for online learners and educators to meet and share together in real time, allowing for the adoption of methods in the online environment that were heretofore restricted to the physical classroom. This convergence of learning environments and methods provides educators with unique opportunities to take advantage of learners' physical and virtual locations. Concurrently, educators face new challenges in keeping abreast of the changing pedagogies and learning strategies that are emerging in the postmodal world. At this year's OTEN conference, we are encouraging submissions, presentations, and participation from educators, faculty, instructional designers, technology support providers, and others engaged in the practice of teaching with technology who are making sense and use of these environments in their own work.

The OTEN annual conference brings together teachers, scholars, and technology leaders involved in both K-12 and higher education, making this an unparalleled opportunity for conversation and community building across the P-20 spectrum.

We are very excited about this year's conference and we look forward to seeing you in Forest Grove this September.

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