Pacific University Undergraduate Research Conference

Speaker Biographies


Sarah Hourston, '09 Cellular and Molecular Biology

Sarah Hourston is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at OHSU. Recently, Sarah completed a postdoctoral research fellowship funded by the NIH. During her fellowship she completed several projects related to nutrition, healthcare barriers, autism spectrum disorders, and disabilities. Sarah's LinkedIn

Tyler Gist, '03 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Tyler is currently a Research Chemist for Bend Research, Inc. Tyler's LinkedIn

Jason Mendenhall, '96 Biology, Literature

Jason is currently a Senior VP of Strategic Solutions for NWEA,Northwest Evaluation Association. While Jason is experienced in strategic planning, product development, and sales, his passion is finding ways to maximize learning through student-centered systems and strategies.Jason's Linkedin

Hayley Johanesen,'13 Chemistry

Hayley is currently an applications development engineer at Thermo Fisher Scientific in Hillsboro, OR. Graduate student in chemistry at the University of Oregon Master's Industrial Internship program with a focus in semiconductor device processing and photovoltaics. Currently working as an Applications Development Engineering Intern at FEI Company on the Metrios TEM. Experience in MOSFET fabrication and characterization, p-n junction solar cell fabrication and characterization, design of experiments, and statistical process control. Previously worked as a NSF-REU research assistant at Portland State University investigating the emission mechanism of silicon nanoparticles using reduction activities. Results presented at 2013 ACS Spring National Meeting in New Orleans. Also researched the effect of the ZnS shell on the optical properties of CdTe quantum dots for senior thesis at Pacific University. Developed instrument skills including TEM, SEM, UV-VIS, and fluorimetry. Hayley's Linkedin

Marcus Kienlen, '12 Physics

Marcus is currently a Process TD Engineer for Intel. Marcus has a Master of Science degree in semiconductor processing and photovoltaics at University of Oregon. Previously employed as a process Engineer at TriQuint (now Qorvo) owning optical imaging equipment for defect detection and driving defect reduction through process changes. He also started out at Intel as an engineering technician for dark-field microscopy equipment involved in writing and editing recipes to capture patterning and particle defects, as well as performing tool quality checks. Marcus' Linkedin

Angela Tipton, '10 Biology, Pacific; MBA Willamette University

Angela is currently a Quality Control Team Leader for Bayer. She is responsible for managing US team in QA/QC Seed Health.Angela's Linkedin