ARCS: Advancing Research Communication & Scholarship


ARCS is a conference designed to examine the practices, roles, attitudes, trends, and technologies that drive and affect scholarly communication. Through cross-disciplinary participation from scholars, librarians, scientists, publishers, professional societies, and funders, we will transcend organizational and disciplinary silos to positively influence the communication of scholarly knowledge in the digital age.

ARCS 2015 was a great success, with nearly 200 diverse and engaged attendees. The ARCS advisory board is in the process of planning the 2016 conference. Stayed tuned for date and location details coming this fall.

ARCS is partnering with The Winnower on a project to capture and publish research communication success stories that are rooted in open practices. We want inspiring, evidence-driven examples that demonstrate the connections between open digital scholarship and success as a student or early career researcher. Learn more and submit your story here!