Senior capstones from College of Arts and Sciences students represent the culmination of their academic experience at Pacific University. The capstones selected for inclusion in these collections were nominated by students' faculty advisors for inclusion.

Capstone Projects from Art

Unfolding Orientalism in Art: How John Frederick Lewis Broke the Mold, Alexandria M. Nanneman

Capstone Projects from English

Frodo Baggins: The Modern Parallel to Christ in Literature, Haley Bedell

Parallel Stories: The Role of History and Personal Narrative in the Nonfiction Essay // Masked (Creative Nonfiction), Hayley Rozee

Men, Monsters and Morality: Shaping Ethics through the Sublime and Uncanny, Danielle Weedman

Prostitutes, a Stalker, and a Jumper: Three Tales of Travel, Art, and Upended Expectations, Alexandria M. Nanneman

Suffocating Under a Sealed Bell Jar: The Angel/Monster Dichotomy in the Literary Tradition, Vanita Carrillo-Rush

Waiting for Prince Charming: Gender Expectations in the European Fairy Tale, Aleah E. Steinzeig

“Half in Love with Easeful Death:” Tuberculosis in Literature, Ashley M. Wilsey

Anatomized: A Creative Nonfiction Experience in Segmented Form, Samantha L. Auclair

Carnival of Words: Applying Bakhtin to Spoken Word Poetry, Molly Clasen

Worlds Invisible to See, Shane Kwiatkowski

Kissing Sharon Olds, Steven Seeley

Capstone Projects from History

The Two Faces of Anti-Semitism: Reuben Sawyer the Klansman and Reuben Sawyer the British Israelite, Alex Quast

Oregon, Planning, and the Ideal Postwar State, Michael Summers

Contradiction in Terms: Nation States, Individual Rights and Refugee Policy in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Elyse Brouhard

Lee, Honor, and the Confederacy, Andy Haugen

Hic Sunt Glacierum: Canadian Arctic Sovereignty and the Role of American Challenges, Elias Gilman

Capstone Projects from Mathematics

Light Diffraction Patterns for Telescope Application, Daniel Yates

One Rook, Two Rook, Red Rook, Blue Rook: An Examination of Distinctly Colored Rook Polynomials, Emily Gaub

Graph colouring with Fewer Colours than the Chromatic Number via Combinations of Colours, Ian Kit Nicolas

Capstone Projects from Philosophy

Heidegger and The Concealment Of Crisis, Joel Morrow

Virtue Ethics and Non-Human Animals: The Missing Link to the Animal Liberation Movement, Priscilla Rader

More Than Meets The Eye: Design in Disguise, Justin Dean

An Ethical Justification of State Paternalism: Restricting Individuals’ Freedoms and Rights to Maximize Group Utility, Trelaine Ito

Emerson and the Communitarian and Classical Liberal Viewpoints, Chloe Kessinger

Won't Get Fooled Again: The Dogma of Quine's “Two Dogmas”, Chris Palmer

The Context of Plato, Michelle Bingaman

Capstone Projects from Politics/Government

A Specter is Haunting: America Bernie Sanders and Socialism in 2016, Jenny Keyt

Edward Snowden and the Privacy vs. National Security Debate, Emily Van Vleet

Capstone Projects from World Languages

An Analysis of Lyonnais Gastronomy, Cody Liskh