Senior capstones from College of Arts and Sciences students represent the culmination of their academic experience at Pacific University. The capstones selected for inclusion in these collections were nominated by students' faculty advisors for inclusion.

Capstone Projects from Economics

Student Attitudes and Usage of the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), Quin Moore

Capstone Projects from International Studies

Latina Youth in Commercial Sexual Exploitation, Sarah Flinn

They had two loves: their country and Paris - The Paris of the Lost Generation, Breanna Grove

Capstone Projects from Politics/Government

Machismo Mandates and Feminist Formulas: Effective Feminist Social Movements in Costa Rica and Mexico, Kimberly Koops-Wrabek

Hillbilly Health Care: The Politics of Rural Health Care Reform, Casey Yamashita

Failure To Act: The Political Battle Over Climate Change and the Prospects for Effective Global Policy, Anna McGeehan

From Fragmented to Streamlined: Presidential Powers and the Evolution and Reform of National Security and Defense Policy in the United States, Mark W. Truax

Capstone Projects from Psychology

Creating a Restorative Room and Instructional Resources for the Inukai Boys & Girls Club, Tyler Gilmore

College Students’ Perceptions of Barriers to Seeking Mental Health Services, Brianna L. Johnson

Making Change: Does Game Education Improve Youths’ Learning Skill Sets?, Amy L. VanderZanden

Mental Health Literacy among College Students: Conceptualizations of Mental and Emotional Health, Alicia E. Vasquez

Associations between Components of Masculinity and Attitudes towards Psychological Help-seeking, Christopher B. Reimer

Effect of Gender Priming on Attitudes towards Substance Use, Kathryn Sampson

Medictation: Analysis of Attentional Control in Regards to Medication and Meditation, Blaise Holden

The Green Sheen: Are Attitudes REALLY Predictive of Proenvironmental Behavior?, Esther Dunbar

Capstone Projects from Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work and Public Health

Supporting Our Students (SOS): A multi-component program to increase perceived safety and social support in LGBTQ+ youth in Washington County, Benjamin Becerra

Heat-Related Illness Prevention and Policy Change for Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers in Oregon, Gina Colin

Engaging Youth to Change Their School Environment: A Photovoice with Hmong Youth, Ia Vang

Setting the “Stage” for Success: A creative venture for youth experiencing housing insecurity, McKenzie M. Brock

Leadership through Political Social Work: Initiating Legislation to Re-Establish School Social Workers in Schools, Mia Prohaska

Physician Perceptions on Treating Patients of Color at the End-of-life, Madeline de Leon

Salud Mental: A CBT Program for migrant and seasonal vineyard workers, Susan Gardner

The Warrior Mentality: The Stigmatized Identity of Female Wrestlers, Tianna Hall

Who Asks For Help?: Help-Seeking Attitudes Among Liberal Arts Students, Kaeli D. Laxson

The Formation of Mexican-American Understandings of Virginity, Catherine Prechtel

Native American Identity Formation in Relation to Educational Experiences, Amber Reid

Addressing the Problem of Teenage Pregnancy with the Use of Comprehensive Sexual Education Programs in Forest Grove High School, Desi Whitman

Veterans Treatment Courts: An Experiment in Therapeutic Jurisprudence for Combat Veterans, Taylor Brummett

Perceived stigma and societal discrimination in individuals with mental illness: Understanding the importance of a sense of community, Jennifer Buck

Agricultural Self-Concept in Contemporary Society, Aaron Cochrane

Sticking to Your Moral Guns: Cultivating Intimacy and Constructing Codes of Conduct in Relationships Between Exotic Dancers and Their Regular Customers, Rose Dahl

Overcoming Childhood Trauma: Strengthening Parent-Child Relationships after Something Bad Happens, Cindy Simmons

Postmortem Care: A Ritual Created by Medical Subculture, Leia Franchini

The Creation of Artistic Space, Sara Hawkinson

Coming Home: Reunion Experiences on Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Summer Steenberg

The Role of the Mahadevi in the Hindu Patriarchy, Samatha Stych

Surfing and Spirituality, Leslie Kerby

Nostalgic Narratives: Planting Collective Ideals in the Urban Garden Education Movement, Terra Lee Neilson

Art Tourism: An Ethnographic View, Katherine Petcoff

The Politics of Power and AIDS Education in Ghana, Anna Reeves

Re-finding Place: The American Japanese Garden, Angelica Rockquemore

“Tito Time,” A Nation’s Idealized Past: Collective Memory and Cultural Nostalgia through the Memorialization of Charismatic Leaders, William Seil

Clinical Reality and Illness Experience in Rural Niger, Moriah McArthur

“I AM COLD LUNCH”: An anthropological perspective on children’s cultural identity and understanding of food through an ethnographic study of food and eating in public elementary schools, Andrea Thompson

MOREboys: Generating and Expending Social Capital, Jennifer H. Dworkin