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Bee Tree Books

Bee Tree Books

Bee Tree Books is a publishing service of the Pacific University Libraries. Through Bee Tree, the Libraries publish books that are either written by Pacific University community members or have a direct connection to Pacific's history or academic programs.

Titles published under the Bee Tree imprint are not edited for content or peer-reviewed by the Libraries. However, the Libraries will provide authors with limited copyediting, design, and production assistance. Depending on the nature of the project and the extent of services required, authors may be responsible for the costs of some services. A fee schedule is currently being developed.

Bee Tree titles are generally published both in digital open access editions and print editions, which are sold via the Libraries' print-on-demand distributors. All production and distribution models are designed to reduce (or eliminate) costs for both authors and readers. Authors retain copyright for all works published through Bee Tree.

To find out more about the Bee Tree Books publishing services, or to request a quote for a publishing project, please contact

Behind "Bee Tree" The “Bee Tree”, an iconic ivy-covered tree that stood on the Pacific University campus for many years, was already old and hollow when pioneer Tabitha Brown arrived in Oregon in 1846. Mrs. Brown started a home for orphans that would grow into Pacific University. According to the Forest Grove News-Times, the tree was “said to have housed a swarm of bees who furnished the little old lady with honey which she sold to buy provisions for her orphan children.”