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The Toothbrush: Its Use and Abuse Gallery

The Toothbrush: Its Use and Abuse was published in 1939 by the Dental Items of Interest Publishing Co. in Brooklyn, New York. The author, Isador Hirschfeld, D.D.S., F.A.A.P., was (at the time of publication) Associate Professor of Dentistry at Columbia University, Attending Dental Surgeon at the Columbia University Medical Center and a Consulting Periodontist at Beth Israel Hospital. He is the namesake of numerous dental terms/concepts, including Hirschfeld canals (interdental canals), Hirschfeld's silver point (an instrument used to record the depth of periodontal pockets radiographically), and Hirschfeld's method of tooth-brushing, defined by Mosby's Medical Dictionary as "a tooth-brushing technique in which the bristles are vigorously rotated in very small circles against the gingivae and the axial surfaces of the teeth at a slight incisal or occlusal angle."

Images in the book are not individually credited, but Dr. Hirschfeld credits Drs. Edmund Applebaum, Charles F. Bodecker, Rudolf Kronfeld, Paul R. Stillman, Daniel E. Ziskin and "others" for "the loan of illustrative material." Dr. Hirschfeld also credits officers of the American Museum of Natural History with making possible the photographing of anatomic specimens.

A first edition of The Toothbrush: Its Use and Abuse was donated to the Pacific University School of Dental Health Science in 2009 by Margaret M. Ryan and this digital collection of images from the book has been created as a resource for students and educators. Copyright for this work was first registered in 1939 by Dental Items of Interest, but was not renewed, placing the work in the public domain.