Date of Award


Degree Type

Thesis (On-Campus Access Only)

First Advisor

Patricia Cheyne


The purpose of this qualitative study was to answer the following questions: What imagery do eighth grade children create in an art classroom using the linoleum printmaking technique? What images are preferred by eighth grade children? What activities outside of school influence eighth grade children in their artwork? This study took place at a suburban Middle School located in the Pacific Northwest. The participants were eighth grade children. Information was gathered in the classroom using a variety of methodological approaches including observations, interviews, written surveys and eighth grade childrens' art works. In order to protect the participants' rights to privacy and anonymity I have provided pseudonyms for all participants in this study. After collecting and organizing field notes, interviews, survey responses and eighth grade childrens' art works. A variety of patterns emerged in the way these middle school children reflect popular culture in their choice of imagery. My research revealed that eighth grade school children draw on popular culture imagery to create their own artwork and to establish a sense of identity.