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Degree Type

Thesis (On-Campus Access Only)

First Advisor

Elaine Coughlin


How students learn to speak Japanese in a Japanese language class is the main question for my research. There are many ways of/earning how to speak a foreign language. The students' learning can be promoted by a teacher's lecture, but also by many other elements (listening, reading, speaking, watching films, etc.) In addition, there is the possibility that the students learn different speaking styles by observing interactions of their teacher.

From this observation, I learned that teaching how to speak the Japanese language is complicated. I observed that Ms. Smith was always thinking about when, where, what, and how she teaches and to whom. It is extremely difficult to take every factor into consideration. There arc many factors which relate to learning. A lack of time seemed to be the greatest barrier facing Ms. Smith.

The students learn how to speak Japanese most effectively when they are presented a wide-range of activities that have been adapted to the individual classroom, school and class make-up. Through this project, as a teacher, I learned that I need to be aware of all the factors to promote students' learning.