Date of Award


Degree Type

Thesis (On-Campus Access Only)

First Advisor

Robert Kastelic


This research project explores the perceptions of ten teachers as to their views regarding mandatory educational reform. It also explores the teachers' views of the effectiveness of these reforms. This project begins with a review of the literature pertaining to educational reform to determine teachers' . perceptions. Based on the key issues raised by the literature, a survey of elementary school teachers in a suburban, north-western school was conducted. Additionally, selected teachers were interviewed in an informal manner. The research suggested that teachers w'ere comfortable with some changes, but dissatisfied with other changes. The factors effecting teacher . perception included the level of involvement in the adoption and/or implementation and the degree to which all teachers participated in the change implementation. This research suggests that educational reform be restructured to include teacher input at all levels. Educational reform at present lacks teacher input until the reform has reached the school-level. This research also suggests that research be conducted to determine. how to utilize teacher input in educational research and reform.