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Thesis (On-Campus Access Only)

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Tom Iverson


This paper aims to establish guidelines for a community-oriented high school choral curriculum, applying a set of criteria for fostering classroom community to an historical study of choral music. Aims, limitations, and underlying assumptions are set forth, the need for community values in the classroom is asserted, and the choral music classroom is proposed as the ideal arena for the cultivation of classroom community. The related literature is reviewed, to develop the argument in support of the need for further development of classroom community-oriented curricula. Proposed methods for identifying choral literature appropriate to the community-oriented curriculum are outlined. A brief review of choral music history is then conducted. A matrix describing 1) criteria for community-oriented curricula, and 2) the five major periods of Western choral music history is presented. In the final chapter, the criteria for community-oriented curricula will be applied to choral music history; these findings are discussed, and illustrated in the matrix.