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Editorial Policies

  • Essays in Philosophy exists to publish philosophical papers of quality, papers which the editors believe will make a contribution to the literature on a certain topic. The Journal holds to no specific school of thought, mode of philosophizing, or style of writing. Each issue of the Journal will be devoted to a specific topic. A list of upcoming topics will be announced at least 1 year prior to publication.
  • All papers submitted for a specific topic will receive an initial reading from the General Editor. If the General Editor determines that the paper is relevant to the specific topic of the issue for which the paper is submitted, then he/she will forward the paper to the Issue Editor. The Issue Editor will then distribute the paper to one or more of the Issue Reviewers, who will make a recommendation to the Issue Editor as to whether the paper is:
    • a) Acceptable as is,
    • b) Acceptable with revisions,
    • c) Unacceptable.
  • The Issue Editor has the sole privilege and responsibility on the question of the acceptability of papers. In the case where a reviewer fails to respond in a timely manner, the editor will render a decision without external advice. The Issue Editor has the discretion to use outside reviewers or not, as he/she sees fit.
  • The General Editor is responsible for the announcements as well as soliciting book reviews for the Journal.
  • All papers will be blind reviewed by the issue editor and reviewers. Only the General Editor will know the identity of the individual submitting a paper.
  • Essays in Philosophy will publish no paper by any individual connected with Pacific University.
  • No paper which has been either published or accepted for publication elsewhere will be considered for publication by the General Editor. No paper being considered for publication by another journal will be considered for publication in Essays in Philosophy. Authors should state clearly, in the cover letter to the Editor, that the paper being submitted has not been previously published and is not being considered for publication elsewhere.
  • Simultaneous submission to Essays in Philosophy: it is permitted to submit papers for two or more issues of the Journal.

Authors' Rights and Copyright

Authors who publish in Essays in Philosophy agree to the following terms:

1. First publication rights to articles, reviews and other works is granted to Essays in Philosophy, but full copyright for articles, reviews and other works published in this journal is retained by the author(s).
2. Authors may enter into separate, additional contractual arrangements for the non-exclusive distribution of the journal's published version of the work (e.g., post it to an institutional repository or publish it in a book), with an acknowledgement of its initial publication in Essays in Philosophy.
3. Authors are permitted to post their work online in institutional repositories or on their own websites. Pre-print versions posted online should include a citation and link to the final published version in Essays in Philosophy as soon as the issue is available; post-print versions (including the final publisher's version) should include a citation and link to the journal's website.

Note For all articles and reviews published by Essays in Philosophy in Volume 1, No. 1 through Volume 10, No. 1, copyright is retained by Humboldt State University.

Terms of Use

Authors of works published in Essays in Philosophy retain all proprietary rights, including copyright ownership. Except as permitted by fair use (Title 17, §107 U.S.C.), any reproduction, republishing, posting, distribution or remixing of articles, reviews or other works published in this journal requires the express written permission of the copyright owner. All uses of works published in Essays in Philosophy must use proper attribution.