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Final Manuscript Preparation Guidelines for Essays in Philosophy

  • All submissions should come in an attachment via email to the General Editor, Ramona Ilea, at: . Files should be Word or equivalent.
  • Since all reviewing is anonymous, please do not send your submission to the Issue Editor.
  • Papers should be prepared with "anonymous reviewing" in mind. Specifically, no reference should be made to the author(s) in the essay (including notes). If using Word, please use the “Inspect Document” feature to remove all identifying information from the document properties.
  • Essays should not exceed 9000 words; essays that are much shorter are acceptable.
  • Submission must include a brief abstract (175 words maximum).
  • If accepted, your paper will need to be formatted using The Chicago Manual of Style, latest edition, but this is not necessary at the time of submission.
  • Notes should all be gathered at the end of the paper as endnotes.
  • Identify clearly, by title as well as volume and number, the issue for which the paper is being submitted.
  • No submission will be considered unless received on or before the deadline date.
  • No submission will be considered if it has been previously published, or if it is out for consideration by another journal.
  • Gender-neutral language required of all submissions.
  • Use of logical (and other) symbols is limited only by the capabilities of email and the internet. Please do not use angle brackets (< >) in the body of the text or in the notes, since these are the primary HTML tag markers.