Interdisciplinary Approaches to Gender, Sexuality and Power


Pacific University’s Center for Gender Equity and Gender and Sexuality Studies Program’s first annual conference is committed to providing a forum for untenured faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates to present their work in a collaborative and supportive environment.

This conference also bridges interdisciplinary divides by bringing original work from the natural and social sciences, humanities and the arts together in one forum. Each participant is committed to exploring the operation of power through gender and sexuality from multiple disciplinary frameworks. We focus on work that investigates the relationship between power and knowledge, bodies, subjectivities, and everyday experiences.

Topics include gender, sexuality and power as they relate to: global and transnational contexts, education, sport, media, intersections with other forms of social power (such as race, class, and age), heteronormativity and sex-essentialism, strategies of governance, nationalism, geography/space, science and the body, and processes of socialization.

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