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The complex and comprehensive management of polypharmacy among individuals who reside in supported living centers requires an interprofessional approach that includes the collaborative efforts of disciplines such as medicine, pharmacy, nursing, and psychology. As a result of this collaboration, health care outcomes can be optimized, and the different disciplines can also become aware of the contributions that each department can make towards improving patients' quality of care through the reduction of unnecessary medication prescribing.

Note: This is the transcription of an interview between James Kundart, HIP Editor-in-Chief, and Abimbola Farinde. The audio recording of this interview is available below for download (3 parts).

Farinde_Audio_Part1.mp3 (5831 kB)
Farinde Interview Audio, Part 1 (12:21)

Farinde_Audio_Part2.mp3 (4160 kB)
Farinde Interview Audio, Part 2 (8:47)

Farinde_Audio_Part3.mp3 (5118 kB)
Farinde Interview Audio, Part 1 (10:50)