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OBJECTIVE To enhance student appreciation for collaboration/team-based care through participation in an interprofessional (IP) history-taking opportunity with individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD).

METHODS Eighty-eight self-selected students from Louisiana State University Health-New Orleans and Xavier University College of Pharmacy participated in an IP elective course which included conducting an IP interview with a PD patient. To assess student perspectives regarding the IP interview, the students completed a thirteen item survey and reflection assignment.

RESULTS Eighty-six students completed the survey and twenty-four completed the reflection assignment. 95% of students agreed the team-based interview and the development of an IP plan of care increased their awareness of the multiple perspectives to consider in designing a care plan. The Kruskal-Wallis test indicated a statistically significant difference among programs for survey question numbers two and four. All four IP education competencies (value and ethics, roles/responsibilities, interprofessional communication, teams and teamwork) were highlighted in the reflection assignment.

CONCLUSION The IP interview allowed students to gain knowledge of PD, better understand the role of other disciplines, and create a holistic plan of care.

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