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INTRODUCTION: Interprofessional education (IPE) is widely accepted as an important aspect of health professional programs. However, there is limited IPE research focused in the pre-health professional student population. The aim of this study was to measure pre-health student perceptions of IPE and their knowledge of other health professions during a summer academic enrichment program.

METHODS: Students who had completed their first or second year of college studies participated in the six week Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP) funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Students engaged in IPE through an online module, as well as small group activities.

RESULTS: Fifty-three students who participated in the 2017 SHPEP demonstrated statistically significant positive changes in IPE perceptions using the SPICE-R2 assessment tool. In addition, student perceived knowledge of the scope of practice of dental providers, physician providers and public health professionals also improved.

DISCUSSION: Our results suggest introducing pre-health students to IPE opportunities broadens their understanding of different healthcare professions’ roles and responsibilities, as well as team leadership that is influenced by context rather than traditional hierarchies.

CONCLUSION: Additional research engaging pre-health students in IPE is needed. However, initial findings suggest a positive impact in engaging early learners in IPE.

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