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Waging 'spiritual war' over books: Homosexual references 'immoral'


The Bulletin (Bend)



Challenged Material

Hey, dollface by Deborah Hautzig, The David Kopay story by David Kopay, The Arizona kid by Ron Koertge; Annie on my mind by Nancy Garden, After the ball: how America will conquer its hatred and fear of homosexuals in the '90s by Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen, Being homosexual: gay men and their development by Richard Isay, The celluloid closet: Homosexuality in the movies by Vito Russo, Cities on a hill: a journey through contemporary American cultures by Frances Fitzgerald, Dance on my grave: A life and death in four parts by Aidan Chambers, The darker proof: stories from a crisis by Edmund White and Adam Mars-Jones, First love / last love: new fiction from Christopher Street, Michelle Denneny, Charles Ortlieb, Thomas Steele; The gentleman from Maryland: The conscience of a gay conservative by Robert Bauman, Growing up straight by Peter Wyden, Homosexualities: as study of diversity among men and women by Alan P. Bell and Martin S. Weinberg, Homosexuality: the test case for Christian sexual ethics by James P. Hanigan, a legal guide for lesbian and gay couples by Hayden Curry and Denis Clifford, One teenager in ten: Testimony by gay and lesbian youth by Ann Heron, The Vatican and homosexuality: reactions to the "Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the pastoral care of homosexual persons" by Jeannine Gramick and Pat Furey

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young adult, adult




Bend High School, Deschutes County Library, Dorothy Oak, Bend-La Pine School Board

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photo of Dorothy Oak and a second photo of someone removing "The Arizona Kid" from a bookshelf

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When I saw the list, I got as many as I could and researched them. They were so filthy, I got sick. I couldn't even finish reading them.' - Dorothy Oak, coalition director for the Deschutes County branch of the OCA


Dorothy Oak, a Bend resident who asked that 19 books about homosexuality be removed from Bend libraries, explains her objections to the books. Jan Kailey, librarian at Bend High School, Dave Fidanque of the American Civil Liberties Union, and Lon Mabon of the Oregon Citizens Alliance lend their perspectives on the book challenges and the constitutionality of removing books, in general.


civil liberties, personal values, religious conservatives, OCA, freedom of expression, Ken Cox, Jan LaChapelle, Best Books for Young Adults

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