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Loggers get pat on back instead of slap in face in first-grade texts


Grants Pass Daily Courier



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Help the forest by Rita Crosby

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Grants Pass, Oregon


Grants Pass School District

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The old page, with text that reads "These people do not take care of the forest/They cut down huge trees/They drop trash on the ground" and the new page, which reads "These people take care of huge forests/They put out fires/They cut down sick trees."

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This page from "Help the Forest" offended some local parents, so the publisher…sent a new edition, in which the offending page was replaced with this one.


After the Grants Pass School District pulled a first grade reader with an outdated and offensive view of loggers and logging, the publisher quickly provided them with the new edition. Efforts are being made to ensure that the old edition is removed from all Oregon classrooms, although the process has raised some eyebrows from the groups American Booksellers for Free Expression and National Coalition Against Censorship.


"Help the Forest", complaint procedure, community action, children's education, book distributor

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