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Library board rejects request to limit Internet access to minors


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Lack of internet usage policy in public library


Estacada, Oregon


Estacada Public Library; Lynne Kamerman


The Estacada Public Library has declined to create a policy that would allow parents to monitor or restrict their minor children's internet usage.

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Eagle Creek resident Lynne Kamerman, a parent of two teenage boys, asked the Estacada Board of Trustees to consider allowing parents the ability to restrict Internet access for their minor children. The library board rejected Kamerman's request last week, citing the American Library Association and the Estacada Public Library's existing policy to provide free, open access to information.


After Eagle Creek parent Lynne Kamerman's initial request that there be a policy instated at the Estacada Public Library that would allow her to monitor her sons' internet usage, the board has declined to create such a policy, citing it as a restriction of patron access to information. Some are bothered by the board's treatment of the request, which might be in violation of the Oregon Public Meetings Law.


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