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Public opinion kills 'revisionist' display at library


Gazette-Times (Corvallis)



Challenged Material

Revisionist History Display


Corvallis, Oregon


Kay Salmon, Richard Masker, Steven Sher, Art Wilmot


display not permitted


Opposition has kept a display about revisionist history out of the Corvallis Public Library. Richard Masker asked if the library would let him display materials, some of which dispute the Holocaust, in the library’s display case. He was denied after the library decided the literature was political in nature. Masker then asked the library to review its policies so that he could display his materials at a later time. While the library is still reviewing their policy residents of Corvallis feel strongly that the policy should stay as it is. Steven Sher says that Revisionism is insulting to the Jewish community. Sher said this isn’t about censorship, however for the library to display these materials would give the impression that the library endorsed this point of view. Art Wilmot agreed and stated that he thinks the library is just trying to keep political things out of the display case.


Revisionist, anti-Semitism, racism, history, World War 2, Holocaust, display, library policy

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