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AAUW panel examines issues


News-Register (McMinnville)




McMinnville, Oregon


Mary Kerns, Denise Jacobson, Cindy Stinson-Chennell, Barbara Wolfe, Mary Gannane, Ken Goodrich

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A large panoramic photo that contains headshots of the six member panel

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Entire photo caption: Censorship and academic freedom. Photo 1: "Much thought and care goes into the type of materials (we buy)." - Mary Kerns Education Service District. Photo 2: Censorship is "control of a few over the many … the suppression of ideas is the darker side of freedom." - Denise Jacobson School Librarian. Photo 3: "Censoship is the most common intellectual freedom issue, but access to public records is another one." - Mary Gannane Oregon Library System. Photo 4: Non-sectarian colleges take a different attitude because their students are considered adults. - Ken Goodrich Linfield College. Photo 5: "The challenge is not an emotional (one) but a clear, step-by-step plan." - Barbara Wolfe State Department of Education. Photo 6: Most complaints involve "morality, profanity, obscenity, and the immaturity of the user." - Cindy Stinson-Chennell School Librarian.


This article gives a summary of the panel that took place at the McMinnville Community Center and was sponsored by the McMinnville Branch of the American Association of University Women. The six panelists each talked about their viewpoints about censorship in the academic world. After the presentations questions were asked and issues were discussed. Members of the audience wanted to know where they could attend meetings that concerned challenged books, and where do complaints about books originate.


panel, censorship

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