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Disputed book ruled acceptable in school


The Oregonian (Portland)



Challenged Material

Slugs by David Greenberg

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Vancouver, Washington


Evergreen School District Instuctional Materials Committee, Pat Buchanan, Cheryl A. Dellay, Deborah L. Frazer, Kenneth Loveall, Mary Ellen Miller, Sue Fowles, Bruce Siau, Conrad Geiger


Book was retained


The Evergreen School District Instructional Materials Committee decided to retain the book “Slugs” after a meeting on Wednesday. After testimonies that were for and against keeping the book the committee agreed that the book was appropriate for Evergreen students. There were about a dozen people who attended the meeting that decided the books fate. Parent Pat Buchanan asked the committee to remove “Slugs” from the school’s library after her six year old daughter checked the book out of the library. Buchanan said she didn’t feel the book needed to be removed entirely, but she did feel it needed to be put up to a higher level. Two other parents agreed with Buchanan’s statement of putting the book on a specific shelf for older students. The committee said that according to policy they cannot restrict books to certain age groups. Sue Fowles, librarian, said the book has been shared with over 700 students and she has never heard any complaints.


censorship, segregation, restricted

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