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Book ignites controversy amid groups


The Tigard Times



Challenged Material

The Satanic Verses

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Tigard, Oregon


Ali-Rowas, Ken Brown, Salmon Rushdie, Ayatollah Khomeini, Carol Woodcock, Dorothy Swanson

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Photo one: head shot of Salmon Rushdie; Photo two: A large photo that has the word Censored? In large letters at the top and below a pile of banned books with The Satanic Verses on the top

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Photo 1: Salman Rushdie; Photo 2: Censored?


In this article the topic of the hotly debated book “The Satanic Verses” is discussed. The local Muslim leaders are taking a moderate stance on the book, however they feel that the book should be banned and are irritated at what they see as an unprovoked attack on their lifestyle. Local bookstore owners are defending the right to carry the book on their shelves and for the book to be published. Ken Brown, local bookstore owner, said that his store receives hundreds of calls a week pertaining to this book. Powell’s bookstore manger Carol Woodcock says the last few weeks have been very tense. The store has received four bomb threats since they started carrying the book. Librarians have teamed up with bookstore owners in opposing banning the book.


book banning, moselm, censorship

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