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School board denies appeal: "Impressions" books to remain in Lincoln County schools


News-Times (Newport)



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Holt Impressions Curriculum

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Newport, Oregon


Patricia Powers, Julia Bickel, Cindi Seidel, Kelly Wood, Steve and Kim True, David Dunsdon, Kelly Ford, Controversial Issues Committee, Lincoln County School District, Rutherford Institute of Oregon



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1: Appeal hearing at Newport High showing petitioners, board of directors and community audience. 2: Close-up of Julia Bickel giving testimony.

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1: More than 200 people crowded into the multipurpose room at Newport High School May 28 to hear testimony on the "Impressions" language arts textbooks. Pamela Powers and Julia Bickel sought the removal of the books from use in the Lincoln County School District, but the school board, after four hours of testimony, denied their appeals. (Photo by Steve Card). 2: Julia Bickel of Newport gives her testimony before the Lincoln County school District board of directors. (Photo by Steve Card).


Patricia Powers and Julia Bickel gave testimony to the Lincoln County School District Board of Directors, urging them to remove the “Impressions” textbooks from the elementary school language arts curriculum. Parents in Lincoln County and Klamath County object to the content of the books, and are concerned about promoting religion in public schools. The board of directors voted unanimously to deny the appeal, retaining the “Impressions” textbooks in the curriculum.


censorship, curriculum, religion, U.S. Constitution, witchcraft

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