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Battle of the books: Opposing factions disagree on Measure 9's impact on libraries


Bill Graves


The Oregonian (Portland)




Portland, Oregon


Lou Mabon, Oregon Citizens Alliance; Len Anderson, Grant High School Librarian

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1. Library book shelves and close-up view of book cover "Annie On My Mind" by Nancy Garden. 2. Library book shelves and close-up view of "Moby Dick or, The Whale" by Herman Melville. A sign is attached to the shelf stating, "Warning: This book could be banned from public libraries and schools if Ballot Measure Nine passes. Vote NO on 9 November 3." 3. Lon Mabon, chairman of the Oregon Citizens Alliance.

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1 & 2. If Measure 9 passes, "Annie on My Mind" probably would have to be removed from school library shelves, but "Moby Dick," despite the Powell's Books warning, might not. 3. Lon Mabon, chairman of the Oregon Citizens Alliance. "If we win and you see OCA descending upon the libraries and taking books off the shelves, I'll resign."


Measure 9, if passed, would prohibit Oregon from establishing Civil Rights protections based on sexual preference. Supporters of Measure 9 want to protect children from materials that promote homosexuality as normal and acceptable. School libraries contain a range of books, including classic literature and novels that have homosexual passages or themes (see the list prepared by Portland School District). Librarians fear that many books in school and public collections will be challenged and removed.


censorship, challenges, freedom to read, homosexuality, Oregon Constitution

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