Intellectual Freedom Issues in Oregon: A News Database

This database is a joint project of the Oregon Library Association's Intellectual Freedom Committee and the State Library of Oregon's Intellectual Freedom Clearinghouse. The database is the online version of the Intellectual Freedom Clearinghouse's news clipping files, related to intellectual freedom.

Currently, this is a citation/abstract database of news articles and editorials related to intellectual freedom issues covered in Oregon community newspapers from 1946 - 2016.To request the full text of an article, contact the coordinator of the Oregon Intellectual Freedom Clearinghouse.

To search the database, perform a keyword search using the search box below. Indexed (searchable) fields include: article title, newspaper name, date, city/location, name of challenged book/material, organizations/individuals involved and abstract.


News from 2008

Library items raise eyebrows, Tom Henderson

Mom wants to ban, burn 'Bunny Suicides', Joseph Rose

Mom won't return 'Bunny Suicide' book

Reader discusses "The Book of Bunny Suicides" (editorial)

Reader discusses "The Book of Bunny Suicides" (editorial)

School board splits on Bunny Suicides book ban

School yanks book from class after complaint, Lauren Dake

Support for 'Bunny Suicides' multiplies like, well, you know, Joseph Rose

Why was it 'required reading'? (editorial), Mac McFarland

News from 2007

Censorship at the Coos Bay library, John Zimmerman

Local library marks Banned Books Week, Lee Beach

News from 2003

Decision won't affect family viewing habits

News from 2001

Banned books displayed at Lake Oswego Library

Banned books list released

Banned books week arrives

Banned books week (September 22-29, 2001): national event celebrates civil liberties, especially freedom of speech

Don't take it for granted, Leslie O'Donnell

Library to observe banned books week

North Bend library marks banned book week, Patti Richter

Oregon libraries receive 47 book challenges, Bill Varble

Reader's plea: don't censor our books, Delaney McLemore

News from 2000

A needless conflict: All sides share blame in book dispute

Banned? Not here

Bans few in war of words, Stefanie Knowlton

Censorship attempts still challenge state's libraries, Steve Wicker

Censorship or sensitivity?

Champion the right to read, Leslie O'Donnell

Curriculum decisions: Home schooling puts parents in control, Lewis Taylor

Dallas School Board gives OK to Harry Potter books

District pulls war book after objections, Jeff Wright

District seeks objectivity in book debate, Jeff Wright

Encore Theatre: Flap strengthens senior citizens' troupe, Bob Keeper

Fighting words

Film access often easy at libraries, Bill Bergstrom

Foundation of Harry Potter debate is an ancient struggle, Betty Grimshaw

Harry Potter gets OK from review committee, Tom Henderson

'Harry Potter' issue needs to find balance

Library censorship? No sign in Oregon

Library tape policy is sound, Lucia Herndon

Newport library marks banned books week

No censorship worries at the library

Open letter to Harry…, Lloyd Taber

Play and book excerpts: judge for yourself, Jim Boyd

Potter books - a fanciful fight of good vs. evil, Jackie Edwards

Protests through the years, Elaine Beebe Lapriori

Reconsider Potter issue, Les Jones

Saving Harry Potter right

Schools often give in to outside pressure, Bob Keefer

South high pulls book as inappropriate, Jennifer Moody

Student views; Is play appropriate? Teens get into the act, Nick Smith and Andrea Compton