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Innovative Practice Project

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Steve Park

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Our House of Portland


Interdisciplinary teams are increasingly prevalent and are central to health care reform. Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs), the centerpiece of health reform in Oregon, are based on care provided via interdisciplinary teams. Research suggests that high-­‐functioning interdisciplinary teams share a set of characteristics, including, but not limited to: positive leadership, a supportive team climate, clarity of vision, appropriate skill mix, and respect and understanding of all roles.

The materials contained herein were assembled based on a literature review and an in-­‐depth exploration of the perspectives and experiences of the Neighborhood Housing & Care Program (NHCP), a unique interdisciplinary team of occupational therapists, nurses, and social workers providing client-­‐ centered, home-­‐based services for individuals with HIV/AIDS. This team provides an example in which the aforementioned characteristics are found. Data gathered from a series of interviews of NHCP practitioners led to the development of this document in the hopes that other teams may find useful insights and strategies to facilitate collaboration and a positive work environment. We hope you find this resource helpful in sparking conversation and ideas that will support you and your team in working together to deliver quality services to your clients.