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Survey research


The primary goal with this project was to create a picture of (a) the current state of access to evidence-based clinical and professional resources and (b) the use of these resources by registered dental hygienists in Oregon. To meet this goal, we identified five subordinate areas of interest to assess in a comprehensive survey of all practicing dental hygienists in Oregon: 1. The extent/use of evidence-based information in clinical practice.
2. The level of access to evidence-based information across different practice settings.
3. The level of access to business planning/best practices resources and training for limited access permit (LAP) hygienists.
4. Information-seeking behaviors of dental hygienists in relation to clinical practice and professional development.
5. The need for continuing education opportunities related to evidence-based practice and successful LAP practice.


This is the final report for a project funded by an Assessment and Planning Award from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Pacific Northwest Region.