MFA Student/Alumni News

Broken Water (poetry chapbook), Flyway: Journal of Writing and Environment

Of Cynthia Neely's chapbook, Derek Sheffield, winner of the 2008 Hazel Lipa prize, writes: "In Broken Water, Cynthia Neely begins with ancestry and ends with loss, but what persists, what weaves itself through all of these poems is wildness. This collection makes the lyrical case for sustenance in nature. Even the greatest suffering is not too much for the world of bird and wolf, seal and wave. If we can draw our gaze up from a ground littered with shotgun shells we might catch a glimpse of "the meadowlark, bibbed and shining."

Cynthia Neely is a poet from Leavenworth, Washington and a student in Pacific University's MFA program. Broken Water is now available from Iowa State University's Flyway: Journal of Writing and Environment.