In spring of 2015, the University of Oregon Libraries (UO Libraries) co-sponsored a release event for the Urban League of Portland’s State of Black Oregon 2015 Report to increase campus diversity initiatives and community engagement. The event inspired collaboration across the campus and state to bring together multiple university and community partners, including UO Libraries, the University of Oregon’s Planning, Public Policy, and Management Program (PPPM), and the Urban League of Portland (ULPDX). Collaborations between libraries, nonprofit organizations, and other stakeholders highlight one aspect of the central role libraries serve as connectors in the local and regional communities. By co-sponsoring this event, UO Libraries furthered the University of Oregon’s educational mission to promote public scholarship and civic engagement, support community development, and increase diversity through meaningful and thoughtful programs. This article will detail how this partnership materialized, from buy-in to execution, as well as recommendations for libraries interested in coordinating with local community-centered nonprofit organizations to develop opportunities for diverse public programs throughout Oregon.

Author Biography

Tatiana Bryant Special Collections Librarian, University of Oregon Libraries

Jonathan O. Cain Librarian for Data Initiatives and Public Policy, Planning and Management, University of Oregon Libraries

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© 2015 Tatiana Bryant & Jonathan O. Cain



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