Recognizing that our library’s internal communication practices haven’t kept pace with changes in the world around us, Multnomah County Library created an internal communications specialist position to understand and address these issues. Since last fall, that person has been busy gathering input, listening to staff describe challenges and constraints, and looking for ways to help our library do a better job communicating to and with staff. We’re still early in this process, but what we’ve learned is valuable. We can address some issues immediately, and others will take longer than we’d like.

At Multnomah County Library, we’re at the beginning of the learning process when it comes to structured internal communications. But we know the benefits are worth the journey. So as you write that next project plan or staff e-mail, I hope you’ll find value in the ideas presented here, build on them, create better ones and share them. We’re still learning too.

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Shawn Cunningham Director of Communications and Strategic Initiatives, Multnomah County Library

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