How do you communicate effectively with donors and potential donors? What does that communication look like? Libraries often envision donor communications as including only direct fundraising requests. Communications with donors, however, encompass a wide range of activities, is ongoing, and may even span decades with an individual donor. Library staff not directly involved with fundraising may not even think about donors as part of their user audience, but almost everyone who works in a library has a potential role in communicating with donors.

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Marilyn is the Dean of the University Library and Professor at Portland State University, a position she has held since 2012. As Dean, she provides leadership for a vibrant 21st century library supporting research, teaching, and learning at Portland State University. Moody’s professional interests include academic library administration, mobile learning, open educational resources (OER), textbook affordability, institutional repository services, government information, and scholarly communications. Moody has published and presented on a broad range of topics. She is the co-author with Jean L. Sears of three editions of the reference work Using Government Information Sources. Moody has a Bachelor of Arts in Teaching of Social Studies and a Master of Science in Library Science from the University of Illinois.

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