In the not so distant past, marketing was a department on campus, rather than a strategic approach used within the library. Today, the role of an academic library is subtle and varied. Frankly, it’s complicated! Libraries are increasingly asked to prove their value by documenting their impact on student engagement and success. They need to continually reinforce their reputation as a dynamic entity that supports its community in many ways. A marketing culture within the library is essential to making the case, telling the stories and creating a presence. After years of “marketing” for the library, I’m still figuring it out. In case it is instructive, here is my journey so far.

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Diane Sotak has accumulated 20 years of experience in academic libraries. Before that she worked on a variety of wildlife research projects in Alaska and Oregon. She has a B.S. in Natural Resources from the University of Michigan and a Master of Library Science from Syracuse University.

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