Access Services, I do love you, ever so. You are my best and most favorite work relationship (although since we’re being honest, certainly not my first). I believe in you: your purpose, presence, and importance, your sheer scale and volume. You embody the basic, very important parts of the engine that keeps the library moving forward. Check in, check out, shelve, retrieve, make accessible that which is disordered, create a card, manage a troubled account, say hello to new members of the community, and wish them well when they leave. You do so many things expertly, efficiently, and with the grace acquired by long, repeated practice and embracing enduring standards.

So, my feelings for you are based on all your fabulous and quantifiable traits. But there are a few things I’m hoping we can talk about that have been bugging me. As much as I love and admire you just the way you are, I do stay up some nights worrying about the future.

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Angela is the Access Services Administrator at Multnomah County Central Library. She manages a leadership team comprised of twelve leads and supervisors, who in turn oversee the work of 85 Clerks and Access Services Assistants. She has worked and volunteered in Oregon libraries for 17 years.

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