This article analyzes best practices on access for Spanish-speakers through personal practices, providing library services to the target population, exploration of a library system, and researching work done by other professionals in the library field. Based on resources that guide librarians in the areas of facilities, collection development, programs and services for the community, as well as other critical concerns such as knowing and understanding the community, outreach, and advocacy, I reaffirm that twenty-first century best practices include a collaborative effort. This article proposes working with a plan that includes partnerships and committees which would focus on services for the Spanish-speaking population; doing that would result in greater awareness for both library and community, and help them achieve access at a level appropriate to the twenty-first century.

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Angelica Novoa De Cordeiro is currently a graduate student at the School of Library and Information Management at Emporia State University. Correspondence regarding this article should be addressed to her. Contact Angelica at: anovoade@g.emporia.edu

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