Challenge. We, in public libraries, are familiar with that word. Books and policies are frequently “challenged”, and we continue to face the challenge of offering more with less. The Aspen Institute’s “Dialogue on Public Libraries” was created to help advance the work that public libraries are doing to address community challenges and to support the transformation of public libraries in the digital age. This groundbreaking initiative seeks to change the public’s perception of libraries and concludes that the longterm health of libraries is essential to the long-term health of the communities they serve. Four strategic opportunities for action are identified to guide the continuing transformation:

• Aligning library services in support of community goals

• Providing access to content in all formats

• Ensuring the long-term sustainability of public libraries

• Cultivating leadership Oregon libraries have risen to the challenge and addressed these opportunities.

This issue of the OLA Quarterly showcases libraries and library workers applying the four Aspen Institute “Strategies for Success.”

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