Raise your hand if you have served on a committee in your library. If your hand isn’t raised, just give it some time … libraries definitely like committee work. For instance, I recently had the opportunity to work with a committee consisting mostly of librarians. When the committee’s goals were accomplished, my non-librarian coworker commented that “Librarians sure have a lot of opinions.”

Since this article is about usability testing, and is written by and for librarians, let’s test his hypothesis. Let’s also test a few other hypotheses about librarians while we’re at it. (Disclaimer: In this article, “librarians” include staff who work in libraries, and has nothing to do with degrees or job classifications.)

Washington County Cooperative Library Services (WCCLS) is a Cooperative of 13 member libraries and two special libraries, each uniquely governed and operated. WCCLS is a primary funding source for member libraries, and our WCCLS “Office” provides other support such as daily courier deliveries, cataloging coordination, and e-book collections. The WCCLS website and Extranet are two other ways the WCCLS Office supports member libraries in Washington County. The WCCLS Extranet is a repository of policies, procedures, and committee meeting documents. It also includes training and promotional materials for WCCLS resources, as well as opportunities for sharing ideas.

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Crystal Trice

Training and Projects Librarian, Washington County Cooperative Library Services


Crystal is the Training and Projects Librarian for Washington County Cooperative Library Services. She has been a librarian for 18 years, on both the East and West coasts. Ms. Trice also teaches seminars for librarians interested in creating makerspaces. She can be reached at CrystalT@wccls.org.

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