Many of our library patrons’ needs (account information, computer help, you know the deal ...) are easy to recognize, but what happens if we take a look beyond the obvious? What if we offered an unexpected experience? Libraries have rolled out myriad options varying from unique collection lending, makerspaces, and other innovative and inventive ideas. In that spirit, Multnomah County Library pursued a new approach to readers’ advisory: My Librarian. My Librarian is made possible by My Librarian Knows My Next Good Book, Does Yours? a grant from the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation to The Library Foundation, a local nonprofit dedicated to our library’s leadership, innovation, and reach through private support.

Multnomah County Library’s new and interactive readers’ advisory service, My Librarian, began in 2014. It is designed to meet patrons where they are, in the channel where they prefer to interact. Its goal is to bring the warmth and connection of personal service into an online environment utilizing staff curating expertise. Curious patrons select from a menu of 17 librarians based on a shared passion for books, movies, or just intrigue. These characteristics are reflected in the My Librarian’s self-created profiles highlighting personal interests and genre knowledge.

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