In my role as an outreach specialist, I have created community events, partnered with various organizations, and participated in nontraditional programs in order to attract the vast Hispanic populations in the area to the various Hood River County libraries.

Hood River County is a rural community, and an estimated 31 percent of the population is Hispanic. The great thing about this community is that it has invested its efforts in honoring and accepting the Hispanic culture and bringing the community together as a whole. There is a little town named Odell, about eight miles south of Hood River, where I have focused my outreach efforts. Odell currently has an estimated Hispanic population of 65 percent.

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Patty Lara has been the Outreach Specialist with the Hood River County Library District for over five years now. She graduated from Portland Community College in 2010 with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice. Yes, that’s right Criminal Justice. She loves her job as an Outreach Specialist and can’t imagine doing anything else. Patty is excited to share her experiences and is open to corresponding with you.

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