This article features a conversation between Jane Corry and Elaine Hirsch about the history and goals of the inaugural Leadership Institute of the Oregon Library Association (LIOLA). Here is an excerpt:

Elaine: In 2014, OLA’s president Penny Hummel created a Leadership Task Force to research options to provide the association’s membership with leadership training opportunities. This is when Jane and I first started working together on leadership initiatives. After breaking ties with Pacific Northwest Library Association (PNLA) in 2010, it became more challenging for OLA members to attend the PNLA Leadership Institute. I was among the Oregon applicants who were not admitted to PNLA Leads, and I believed OLA should provide leadership development opportunities for its members.

Jane: Yes, getting something like this started has been a goal of OLA since leaving PNLA. I’ve been reading through old board minutes to help remember how this all unfolded. When Candice Watkins was OLA president during 2014–2015, we had several meetings with the Washington Library Association (WLA) about getting something going with WLA, but funding was always an issue.

Author Biography

Jane Corry is a retired Youth Services Librarian from Multnomah County Library. She was the President of OLA in 2015–2016 and appointed to OLA’s Leadership Task Force in 2013. Jane served as chair of the LIOLA 2018 Planning Committee.

Elaine Hirsch is the Associate Director of Watzek Library at Lewis & Clark College. She is the Vice President/President Elect of OLA and serves on OLA’s Leadership Committee with Jane.

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