Like many Oregon cities, Hillsboro is changing at a fast pace. Rapid growth has created many challenges for the City’s most vulnerable community members. Two top challenges include housing instability and food insecurity. While the library serves as a vital community hub, the Hillsboro Public Library (HPL) continuously seeks to make a greater impact. The Hillsboro Public Library Leadership Team (LLT) approved the formation of the staff-led HPL Cares team. HPL Cares consists of six big-hearted library staff members who took the idea of a library-sponsored community service group and developed a community-focused inspiration team.

The HPL Cares team is staffed by HPL employees and supported by a supervisor liaison. Aside from the supervisor liaison, the team members do not hold official leadership positions within the library. As an entirely employee-run team, there is no hierarchy. Team members are directed by their passion for service. With each new project, team members rotate the responsibility of project lead. With the support of their fellow team members, the project lead has the opportunity to practice team management, communication, and organization skills. While these are invaluable skills in a leadership position, they are not the sum total of what it means to be a leader. Leaders set an example and inspire those around them to follow.

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Courtney Gill began working at Hillsboro Public Library in 2009 after completing an internship at the Department of Human Services. She only intended to briefly work at the library while starting a career in social work, but the library stole her heart with the lure of books and shared community. Since then, she has held various positions at HPL. She currently works as a Library Supervisor based out of the Shute Park location where she works passionately to reduce barriers to library service and welcome all. When not at the library, Courtney enjoys traveling, hiking and sharing laughs with her family and friends.

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