Open Educational Resources (OER) programs are growing and institutions are looking for leaders to steer these programs successfully. This article will give advice to folks who are tasked with starting an OER program or joining an established program in its growth stage. It will discuss where to find OER research for those who don’t know much about it, such as LibGuides, pertinent journals, and OER repositories. Then, it will move onto building campus partnerships and finding like-minded people in your institution that can champion the cause and help grow the program as well as provide institutional support. Next, it will look at off-campus partnerships and working with outside stakeholders that share the same goals. Lastly, the article will give advice for keeping current on OER research and resources, and discuss some of the professional development opportunities available.

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Amy Stanforth is a Research & Instruction Librarian at Portland State University. She works with general education faculty and students and is a member of the OER Working Group at PSU. She got her start in libraries as a student worker at Florida State University and just couldn’t get enough. In her free time Amy enjoys traveling, knitting, petting her doggies, and playing bass guitar.

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