Over the last several years, the State Library of Oregon has explored options and supported a variety of projects to promote collaboration among libraries to build and sustain Oregon digital collections. Activities such as hosted meetings, grant funding, and pilot projects have identified both opportunities and roadblocks to collaboration, especially for Oregon’s small public libraries. A clear and distinct path has proven to be somewhat elusive, and the journey itself has demonstrated that a one-size-fits-all solution is unlikely to emerge soon. Multiple pathways to a more robust digital collections platform may not only be inevitable but preferable, given the diversity among the travelers and the complexity of the map. This article will describe the State Library’s efforts to support digital collections in the state and what may be on the horizon for improving access and collaboration.

Author Biography

Arlene Weible is the Electronic Services Consultant and Oregon’s Federal Regional Depository Coordinator at the State Library of Oregon. She has held a variety of positions at the State Library and previously worked on the development of Oregon’s state government publications digital collections. She has been a government information librarian for 27 years and has held positions at libraries in CT, WA, TX, and Oregon.

Ross Fuqua is the Data & Federal Programs Consultant at the State Library of Oregon. Before planting roots in beautiful Salem, he worked as Digital Engagement Librarian for Washington County Cooperative Library Services (WCCLS), and served as Digital Projects Librarian for the Washington Rural Heritage program at the Washington State Library. Ross has also worked on several audio digitization projects and has contributed to a number of oral history and radio documentary efforts. He has a MLIS from University of Washington and a MA in Folk Studies from Western Kentucky University.

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