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Read me a Story!


Read me a Story! is an early literacy program partnership between the Coos County Library Service District’s Extended Services Office (ESO) and the Shutter Creek Correctional Institute. The aim is to reach at-risk children and their caregivers in an unconventional way by building on existing relationships to encourage a love of reading. This gives the child their best opportunity for future educational success, and the prisoner an invaluable opportunity to be a positive influence in a child’s life.

Read me a Story! helps spread childhood literacy to our society’s most vulnerable at-risk population: the children of convicted, incarcerated felons. Our goal is to encourage a love of reading that will place them on a path leading toward future educational and economic success, and we do it by building on the preexisting close relationships between children and their incarcerated loved ones. Effectively, finding a silver lining in a difficult situation.

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Jennifer Croft is the Director of Extended Services Office (ESO), part of the Coos County Library Services District. ESO oversees the County’s digital collection, its IT needs and its Outreach Library. She earned her MLIS from Kent State University, after obtaining her undergraduate degree in Sociology from Weber State University. Jennifer currently lives in Coos Bay with her husband and two pittie mixes. For fun she loves to take her Jeep out on the dunes, play her PS4, and of course, read.

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