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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Willard Bleything


This project consists of a manual of pediatric optometry presented in both English and French. This manual originated as a course outline in Pediatric Optometry taught at l'University d'Optometrie. It was written for both instructor and student to serve as a general outline for performing examinations on the pediatric population. This manual was written with the assumption that the reader already knows how to perform these optometric tests on the adult population, and is now interested in applying this knowledge to the pediatric population of five years old and under. This manual addresses the additional questions involved with a pediatric case history. It gives variations on entrance skills testing including age-appropriate binocular tests. The examination section describes a wide range of visual acuity tests, refraction and the ocular health check. Finally, flow charts address treatment suggestions for various diagnoses. This manual is presented in both English and French to serve a multicultural population.

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Optometry Commons